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Fashionising at Westfield: Editor’s Top AW Trends

Think Melbourne Editors Favourite Autumn Winter Fashion Trends 2013 Prinitha Govender Graphic Prints Metallics Winter Floral The Hero Pant

Autumn in Melbourne is a special season. Despite the cooler weather the city has a distinct touch of warmth about it. Renowned for it’s maple trees, Melbourne brightens up with a collage of ochres created from the turning of the leaves from scarlet reds, pops of yellow, burnt orange and deep purples. I love how designers have been able to blend these shades seamlessly into AW fashion this year with graphic prints, winter florals and added metallics to the AW pallet for that extra touch of glamour!

I spent some time at Westfield Southland this weekend, fashionising as part of Westfield’s AW Fashion Festival. I partook as Fashion Media Commentator at the Myer Styling Session Workshop alongside the lovely Jo Blankfield, Westfield’s resident stylist. Trotting around the centre inspired me for my AW wardrobe Some of my favourite fashion trends for the cooler season are the hero pant, metallics, graphic prints and how can I go past winter floral.

What is a Hero Pant?

The hero pant is basically a standout pair of pants that’s the hallmark of an outfit. Wearing a killer pair of slacks as the focal point of your ensemble and keeping everything else basic makes dressing very simple, it’s a no brainer. I love that brands such as Gorman and Cooper Street have been able to cleverly to embrace this popular trend from the summer months to the cooler seasons with thicker fabrics, letting down the hemline and some designers have brought out some interesting textured prints like brocade and jacquard, fabrics that really can’t be pulled off in summer.

The hero pant is something that any shape can wear. Finer prints compliment more curvaceous body types whilst a slimmer frames could go with bolder patterns. It’s a really fun trend for everyone and all you need to do ladies is get out there and find your hero!Think Melbourne westfield centres autumn winter fashion editors top picks autumn winter fashion the hero pant cooper st rainbow serpent pant dotti aztec print supertube jean gorman landscape pant

What I love about the Metallic Trend

Metallics have made a huge splash on catwalks this autumn-winter and I’m particularly fond of the golden hues. I love the way the designers at Mossman, Witchery and Forever New have been able to blend a traditionally futuristic look to create feminine timeless classics. Metallics have been used ingenuously to create pieces that are sophisticated and elegant this AW, and on the other end of the scale, embraced it with a more casual approach with everyday wearability.Think Melbourne editor top picks autumn winter fashion Westfield centres metallics trend Mossman Poised for Perfection Dress Forever New Clara Gold Cuff Shorts Juna Loafer Witchery Studded Leather Jacket witchery Gold foil print jumper

Say you’re Stylish with Graphic Prints

Graphic prints are a fun and fashion forward trend that transitions seamlessly from the boardroom to the bar. Wear it in the office, wear it out, clash your prints, wear statement jewellery and step out of the box with colour. You can wear graphic prints as the statement piece of your outfit or you can dress in head-to-toe. Let’s face it, wearing matching prints can create a fine line between hit and miss but if you can pull off a coordinated head-to-toe graphic print ensemble well, you may as well wear a sign around your neck which says “I’m stylish!”

Metalicus have brought out some fabulous oxblood graphic prints this season, whilst Gorman have stayed with bright coloured graphics and Veronika Maine have created a fabulous houndstooth graphic print dress, exclusive to Westfield shopping centres.

Think Melbourne editors top picks autumn winter fashion Westfield centres graphic prints Metalicus Vienna 1/2 Sleeve Dress Gorman Em Collage Pant Myer Wish Contrive Coat Veronika Maine Houndstooth Check Print Dress

Winter Floral

I love floral full stop! To see this trend stay this AW is a delight. I love the way Zimmerman and Leona Edmiston have darkened hues but kept pops of autumn ochres in their fabrics, creating a warm yet sophisticated pallet for the cooler season. Wear statement floral shirts with a monochrome pant or skirt or dare to mix winter floral with stripes and texture if you’re feeling bold. Whatever you do, embrace this trend and stand out from a sea of dark shades on the wintery Melbourne streets.Think Melbourne editors top picks autumn winter fashion Westfield centres winter floral Floral Harem Pants by Glassons zimmerman garland shirt leona edmiston annabel dress available at Westfield centres

All my favourite AW trends are available at Westfield centres. Happy stylising everyone!

Think Melbourne Editor

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