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The Golden Touch: Central South Yarra

3 Yarra Street will be home to South Yarra’s new kid on the block come 2015. Its name is Central South Yarra and like a gemsotne this significant addition of real estate will add a new dimension, texture and bring with it a positive glow to the South Yarra precinct lifestyle.

And when I say glow I mean it quite literally. The most prominent feature of this building’s facade is its golden streak, which runs all the way from the top, angled down to the bottom. Ideally it will catch the sun’s rays and shine like a beacon, becoming a bit of a landmark to the area, according to building design architects RotheLowman who worked on this concept. Aesthetically, the gold spine was also cleverly incorporated to curtail the scale of the development on the face of South Yarra.

Central South Yarra Gem on the face of South Yarra

Central South Yarra: New to the Face of South Yarra in 2015

Unlike most apartment developments Central South Yarra has taken the approach of having two architects work on the design of the building; Little Projects brought on apartment specialists Plus Architects for the interior. The building has a statement lobby, finished in signature golden steel and natural stone, with a folding origami-like canopy and interesting symbolism artwork. The fixtures are sophisticated, timeless and grand.

Central South Yarra Lobby

Central South Yarra Lobby

Remarkably, the feel I get from this creation is somewhat Egyptian. The golden hues, shapes, symbolism and the materials in the lobby got me thinking. The Central logo is a golden disc which is almost the same the Egyptian symbol Ra (minus the dot in the middle). Ra is the ancient Egyptian “Sun God,” the unique source of all life. Ra means radiation, to give off light and energy, precisely one of the signature features of the facade’s golden gusset. The lobby uses natural stone in a sand colour, which looks alot like Egyptian granite.

The lobby’s wall-sculpture is another feature confirming its Egyptian influence; a cross and circle entwined, the Egyptian male-female sexual symbols combined (cross for male and circle for female). The black and white shades of these I’d like to think represents the multiculturalism that is Melbourne, the bonding of black and white, and the different cultures that create the fabric of Melbourne’s unique culture. Even the white circular discs that hang form the lobby’s ceiling are reminiscent of UFO’s and crop circles, once again confirming an Egyptian influence. Now I know this might sound a bit out there, but it’s a widely known theory that the Egyptian pyramids are actually the work of UFO’s. I love this. It’s no stock standard apartment building.

Egyptian Symbol Sun God Ra / Central South Yarra Logo / Egyptian Male Female Symbols / UFO Crop Circles

Egyptian Symbol Sun God Ra / Central South Yarra Logo / Egyptian Male Female Symbols / UFO Crop Circles

First impressions last. I think the lobby is probably one of a building’s most fundamental aspects and has powerful potential to influence the ambience and people’s overall impression of it from the onset. Therefore I feel that future residents of Central are buying into something really special, one that will add the “golden touch” to their everyday lives, so to speak.

Interestingly the colour gold is also a darling to good feng shui, or good energy principles in the home (if you’re into that sort of thing) because of its association with money and wealth. It’s also cheerful and warming and ultimately, once again, expresses the vital energy of the sun. So there you have it, a culturally enriching establishment coming to South Yarra.

Little Projects are the developers of Central South Yarra, holding a strong portfolio of premium projects in the city fringe region of Melbourne. Little Projects have a philosophy of innovation and quality, and have taken feedback and knowledge from previous portfolios like 101 Bay in Port Melbourne, Halo in St Kilda and ILK South Yarra, and rolled these out to be incorporated into the design of Central South Yarra.

The fitout and design of all 357 apartments is quality, elegant, sophisticated and timeless from what I gather. Each apartment comes with Miele appliances, CaesarStone benchtops, mirrored splashbacks, plush carpets, ceramic floors and fine timber joinery detail.

Central South Yarra Apartment Interior

Central South Yarra Apartment Interior

I went sailing around the bay of Melbourne recently on a luxury boat. I noticed that every facet of the vessel was crafted for maximum efficiency and use. Nothing was there just for the sake of it. This is precisely the concept used for Central, according to Little Project’s Managing Director Michael Fox, who says that fitting out a well-designed apartment is quite similar to fitting out a high-end yacht, because with creative design and innovation you can give people a great deal of functionality. Every apartment has thoughtful detail and ample storage space.

There are 2 penthouses and I’m saving the best for last. The cream of this building is really on the rooftop, which every resident will have access to. It’s referred to as “The Centre of Entertainment and Wellbeing” and I feel it will deliver. With breathtaking 360° panoramic views, there is a sky terrace with a barbeque area and an entertainer’s kitchen, a comfy luxurious lounge complete with fireplace, a ten-seater dining table (perfect for a cultivated dinner party), state-of-the-art fitness equipment allowing you to workout overlooking the Dandenong Ranges and a sparkling turquoise pool, perfect for a morning or evening dip!

Central South Yarra's Rooftop: Centre of Entertainment and Wellbeing

Central South Yarra’s Rooftop: Centre of Entertainment and Wellbeing

Ok, I want to live here. This sounds like five-star living in a luxury hotel, but for your everyday life. The South Yarra location only adds to this lifestyle. It was voted most livable suburb in the world’s most livable city, according to recent surveys by the Economist Intelligence Unit and Tract Consultants. Residents of the building have options like a run along the Yarra River or Royal Botanical Gardens, a short six-minute stroll to the cafes, bars and shopping in Melbourne’s trendy Chapel Street precinct, and just a four-minute train commute into the city via South Yarra Train Station.

South Yarra Lifestyle: Shopping, Cafes, Jog along the Yarra River

South Yarra Lifestyle: Shopping, Cafes, Jog along the Yarra River

Central South Yarra is luxury living at an affordable price too according to Michael Fox. That’s the beauty of it all. It’s attainable. Prices start at $361k for a one bedroom and $588k for a two bedroom.  Central was just a taste for me and I see great things for Little Projects. I’m in the market for my first apartment so I’ll be watching this space!

South Yarra's New Kid on the Block Come 2015: Central South Yarra

Central South Yarra: 3 Yarra Street

Central South Yarra 360° Paronamic Views

Actual View: Central South Yarra 360° Paronamic Views

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