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Why I crave Chilli over Chocolate

Some people crave chocolate, hot chips, alcohol. Me, I’m usually craving chilli. Not the mild stuff.. the hot “burn-your-mouth” stuff. There’s something about chilli that I can’t quite put my finger on. When I go a few days without, I get irritable, nothing and and no food seems to satisfy me the way chilli does. Put a plate of lobster in front of me (mum’s special) and I will push it away!  We all know the proven health benefits of it. Adrenaline pumping endorphins, raising your body’s metabolic rate, increased vitamin C, keeps away colds.. this list goes on and on. I can honestly say I’ve only had a cold twice in my life.. it’s true!

“The Bird’s Eye” Chilli is Fiery in Taste and Petite in Size

When I go to a restaurant, and ask for a dish with chilli to be made extra hot, I usually say “burn-your-mouth” hot. Otherwise the dish comes as mild as a tub of yogurt. My tolerance is pretty high, so I’m usually after the Asian variety, which really sends my taste-buds steaming! It’s not uncommon to find a chilli shaker in my handbag, you know, just in case. And if they don’t make the dish “chilli-enough” I’ll order a warm drink to accentuate the heat.

Why chilli?

Have you ever noticed that when you do something that makes your body heat up, like exercise for example, your whole body feels different? Maybe even good? The capsicum in chilli stimulates my adrenal glands (yes it gives me adrenaline!) and I experience an endorphin rush. It’s a really good rush, the kind of rush that has me wanting to go back for more. Chilli boosts my energy, heightens my cognitive function and is a great pick-me-up. It’s super invigorating and keeps me on the ball!



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