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Breakfast Barbie @ Prahran Markets

My usual Saturday morning haunt is Market Lane Coffee at the back of the Prahran Markets. Whilst I’m not an absolute coffee drinker, I do enjoy the occasional cup but it’s really their Saturday morning Mushroom Burger Barbie which drew me here. Plus the Herald Sun gave this place a thumbs up for their coffee quality, bonus!

Now one thing worth noting, Market Lane is a dedicated coffee house, referring to themselves as a “speciality cafe and roastery”. They do not delve in things such as soy or skinny milk or chai lattes… real coffee the way it was meant to be. But let’s talk about the more important stuff.. the mushroom barbie! It’s probably one of the top ten breakfasts I have ever had, and I look forward to starting my weekend this way. Morning pilates, followed by a delightful mushroom burger, the morning paper, catch up with friends whilst enjoying the sunshine.

How they do it?

The giant portabelo mushrooms are brushed generously with garlic herb butter, succulently grilled to perfection, in a Dench bun, chipotle sauce, topped with basil pesto, sweet onion and parmesan. An infusion of flavours that work in perfect harmony.


Mushroom Burger at Mraket Lane Coffee, Prahran Markets

Great value at $8 a pop! Just remember, you’ll have to get up early for this one. The boys bring 250 mushrooms with them every Saturday morning and it’s not uncommon that within 3 hours it’s a sellout.


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